Five new acrylic paint sets in Hataka’s offer

Last week Hataka introduced to sale it’s five new acrylic paint sets for modellers, marking the start of a series of historically verified, all true colour paint sets.

The new sets naturally align with the collection philosophy that Hataka has adopted. „September 1939” collection, recalling the very beginning of World War II and the time of Nazi blitzkrieg, is represented by Polish Air Force paint set and Early Luftwaffe paint set,offering universal colours for early WWII Luftwaffe fighters, as well as bombers and ground attack aircraft throughout the war. That is why it belongs to „Battle of Britain” collection in Hataka’s offer.

The third set – Late Luftwaffe colours – is providing everything modellers need to bring their Me-262s, He-162s and many more to historically correct and at the same time attractive look. The set is a first one in Hataka’s „Defending the Reich” collection.

Two last sets belong to „D-Day” and „War at Sea” collections which will encompass paints for allied and axis planes fighting in this two distinct fronts of World War II.

Ask for the sets in your local store!!