New sets for the New Year!

We are very glad to announce that two new paint sets are joining Hataka’s offer and will be available for purchase from January 10th.

HTK-AS07 “Royal Air Force paint set” contains six colours – everything you need for both early and late RAF camouflage schemes of the Second World War. Stunning box-art and colour profiles at the back give just a small sample of how your Tempests, Spitfires or Hurricanes may look like with little help of Hataka’s paints.

HTK-AS09 “USAF Paint Set (Vietnam war era)” is not only about South-East Asia (“SEA”) camouflage colours of USAF Tactical Air Command aircraft, but also contains “Air Defence Grey” paint – standard overall colour of USAF and US ANG air defence aircraft during 1960s and 70s (including F-101s, F-106s and F-4s).

Stay tuned in January, more exciting news underway!

as09 as07