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Sand (FS33531)

FS33531, used for upper surfaces of IAF’s MD 450s, F-4s, A-4s, Neshers, Super Mysteres, Fouga Magisters and helicopters also FS33531, used from 1980 on upper surfaces in so-called „F-16 pattern” (used on all F-16A/B/C/D/I, Kfir C7, some C2 and F-15I) also FS33531 (CARC Middle Stone), recent (OIF, OEF) desert colour of US military vehicles. Also […]

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BLUE LINE – Modern US Army and USMC AFV paint set

BLUE LINE – OPTIMISED FOR BRUSH Standard colours of US AFVs since mid-1980s Contains the following colours (acrylic paints, water-based, optimised for use with brush): HTK-B016 – Dark Green – FS34079 (MERDC Forrest Green), overall colour of early M1 Abrams tanks. Used on part of M1 Abrams of USMC during ODS HTK-B152 – NATO Green – […]

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