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ORANGE LINE – Israeli AF paint set (1970’s desert colours)

ORANGE LINE – LACQUER BASED PAINTS Standard colours of Israeli aircraft in 1970s After the Six-Day War the long used brown and blue over grey scheme of Israeli AF applied to ground support aircraft was regarded as not appropriate for operations over Sinai. In July 1967 a new painting scheme of FS33531 Sand, FS34227 Pale Green […]

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BLUE LINE – Israeli Air Force paint set (modern jets)

BLUE LINE – OPTIMISED FOR BRUSH Standard colours of Israeli planes since late 1970s Contains the following colours (acrylic paints, water-based, optimised for use with brush): HTK-B035 – Dark Ghost Grey – FS36320, used in „Air Superiority Grey” scheme on F-15A/B, Kfir C2, F-15C/D and some Mirage IIIs. Also on E-2C and RF-4E HTK-B090 – Sand – FS33531, used from […]

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