HTK-BS77 BLUE LINE – Modern British Army & RAF AFV paint set



Standard colours of British military vehicles since 1950s

After the end of WW2 British forces continued to use S.C.C. No. 15 Olive Drab as a base overall colour (except for desert areas where Light Stone was used). After 1955 the new colour – No. 24 Deep Bronze Green in gloss finish – was introduced. The next change was implemented in late 1971 with NATO Green becoming a base colour with black disruptive shapes applied over it (although some vehicles were left in overall green). Middle / Near East operations required use of desert camouflage of overall Light Stone or with first Deep Bronze Green and then NATO Green disruptive pattern. Light Stone was used by the Army both during Op Granby (overall colour) and Op Telic (with NATO Green), while RAF vehicles featured pinkish Desert Sand (and later virtually the same BS381C:380) paint.

Contains the following colours (acrylic paints, water-based, optimised for use with brush):

• HTK-B271 – BS Deep Bronze Green – BS381C:224, colour of British Army vehicles in Europe & Far East from 1955 till early-1970s. Also used by RAF 2nd TAF till 1958
•HTK-B145 – RAF Blue-Grey – BS381C:633, colour of RAF vehicles in Europe & Far East from end of WW2 till early-1970s (in RAF 2nd TAF introduced in 1958)
HTK-B275 – BS Golden Yellow – Used until 1960s on upper surfaces (mostly rooftops) or as an overall colour of RAF vehicles operating predominantly on airfields
• HTK-B237 – BS Light Stone – BS381C:361, standard desert colour of post-WW2 British Army (used also during Operations Granby and Telic) and RAF vehicles
•HTK-B215 – BS NATO (IRR) Green – BS381C:285, base colour of British Army & RAF vehicles since early-1970s. Used over Light Stone in desert scheme (Op Telic)
• HTK-B125 – NATO Black – Used for disruptive shapes over NATO (IRR) Green in the standard scheme of majority of British Army vehicles since early-1970s
• HTK-B068 – US Army Desert Sand – Used for desert camo of British vehicles under RAF command during Op Granby. Exact match with BS381C:380 (Op Telic / Herrick)
•HTK-A153 – Acrylic Temporary White – Washable (temporary) matt paint used to cover selected areas in improvised winter camouflage of various British Army AFVs


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