HTK-AS45 Brick buildings & ruins | diorama paint set


Advanced colour system for realistic dioramas

The set contains the following colours (acrylic paints, water-based) and washes (acrylic, water based):

HTK-A147 – Chocolate Brown

HTK-A131 – Brown Red

HTK-A133 – Signal Orange

HTK-A148 – Vermilion

HTK-W001 – Light Grey Wash

HTK-A149 – Concrete Grey

Careful selection of paints included in this advanced diorama set allows for achieving the realistic effect of brick walls, buildings and ruins. Depending on the desired effect, various tones of red and orange colours are available, combinations of which should always be used for maximum result. Start with airbrushing an overall primer coat of Chocolate Brown and then thin layer of Brown Red. Subsequently apply with brush Signal Orange and Vermilion onto selected bricks for realistic effect of old brick wall. Finally apply Light Grey Wash, which will imitate mortar used to bond bricks. Concrete Grey can be used for any concrete imitating elements of the diorama.


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