HTK-C031 Gunship Grey (FS36118, ANA 603)



FS36118, used in „European” camouflage scheme of USAF on MAC and SAC aircraft, also on USAF helicopters. Used in early „Euro” schemes of A-10s and F-4s.


FS36118, used on upper surfaces in modern camouflage schemes of Polish Mig-29s. Also overall colour of Polish C-130Es


FS36118, standard overall colour of F-15E Strike Eagle ground-attack aircraft in USAF service (including the radome)


FS36118, used on USAF F-4C/D/E/Gs in „Hill One” scheme and on F-16s. Also on USMC AV-8Bs (tri and two-colour)


FS36118, standard colour of upper surfaces of F-16 Fighting Falcon fleet in three-colour scheme (including F-16AM/BM of Portuguese AF)


FS36118, used for upper surfaces in initial camouflage of USMC AV-8As from start of their service in 1971 till late-1970s


FS36118, standard colour of upper surfaces of Belgian AF F-16AM/BM, also on upper surfaces of Alpha Jet trainers


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