HTK-AS32 Luftwaffe „Legion Condor” paint set


From July 1936 till March 1939 Luftwaffe detachment „Legion Condor” took active part in the war in Spain supporting General Franco’s nationalist forces. Most of Legion’s planes wore standard Luftwaffe colours of that time – firstly RLM 63 (or RLM 02) overall, later replaced by standard RLM 61, 62 and 63 over 65 pattern. Camouflage of Bf 109s of B, C, D and E versions delivered from late 1937 has been widely discussed in literature in the recent years and no consensus has been reached whether RLM 62 or 63 was used for their upper surfaces.

Contains the following colours (acrylic paints, water-based):

  • HTK-A023 – Grey (RLM02) – Used on early Ju 52s, He 59s, He 111s and upper surfaces of experimental He 112 V9. An overall colour of early Bf 109B-1s
  • HTK-A167 – Light Grey (RLM63) – Overall colour of early He 51s. Used in RLM 61+62+63/65 pattern and, according to some authors, on upper surfaces of Bf 109B-Es
  • HTK-A168 – Dark Brown (RLM61) – Used from mid-1937 on upper surfaces in RLM 61+62+63/65 standard pattern (incl. on He 51s, Ju 87s, He 111s and Do 17s)
  • HTK-A169 – Green (RLM62) – Used from mid-1937 on upper surfaces in RLM 61+62+63/65 standard Luftwaffe pattern. Later on upper surfaces of Bf 109B-Es
  • HTK-A029 – Light Blue (RLM65/78) – Used from mid-1937 on lower surfaces in RLM 61+62+63/65 pattern. Also on lower surfaces of Bf 109B-Es from late 1937
  • HTK-A040 – Black-Grey (RLM66) – Standard Luftwaffe colour of instrument panels and cockpit areas visible from outside (anti-glare function) throughout the war
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