HTK-BS04.2 BLUE LINE – US Army Air Force paint set



Standard camouflage colours of USAAF planes from 1941 till 1945

Contains the following colours (acrylic paints, water-based, optimised for use with brush):

  • HTK-B004 – US Olive Drab 41 (Early) – Standard base colour of upper surfaces of majority of USAAF aircraft from June 1941 until late 1943
  • HTK-B019 – Medium Green 42 – Used from mid-1942 for blotches along all edges on upper side of the wing and tail, also on the fuselage sides
  • HTK-B033 – Neutral Grey 43 – Standard colour of lower surfaces of USAAF aircraft in „Olive Drab” schemes from June 1941 till late 1943
  • HTK-B018 – US Olive Drab (Late) – ANA 613 Olive Drab, used from late 1943 till end of WW2 for upper surfaces of camouflaged USAAF aircraft
  • HTK-B031 – Gunship Grey – ANA 603 Sea Grey, used from late 1943 till end of WW2 for lower surfaces of camouflaged USAAF aircraft
  • HTK-B078 – Aluminium – Overall colour of USAAF aircraft after late 1943, when camouflage was abandoned except for night fighters and transports


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