HTK-AS19 US Army Helicopters Paint Set


Standard colours of US Army helicopters since 1950s

From 1950s till late 1970s, including during the Vietnam conflict, US Army helicopters were painted in Olive Drab overall with various applications of Black and Yellow (also Orange in „high-viz” schemes). The OD paint itself appeared in several shades and faded rapidly. Helicopter Drab became the „trade mark” of US Army helicopters from early 1980s, with ad hoc application of Desert Sand during first conflict in Iraq. Recent research over a universal camouflage paint resulted in introduction of Woodland Desert Sage on CH-47s.

Contains the following colours (acrylic paints, water-based):

  • HTK-A065 – US Army Olive Drab – Standard colour of US Army helicopters from 1950s till late-1970s (including UH-1s and AH-1s in Vietnam conflict)
  • HTK-A041 – Night Black – FS37038, used in various applications on US Army helicopters, including on anti-glare panels and in non-standard schemes of UH-1s
  • HTK-A066 – Insignia (Orange) Yellow – FS13538, used in various applications on US Army helicopters in Olive Drab (including bands around tailbooms and rotor-blades)
  • HTK-A067 – US Army Helicopter Drab – FS34031, standard colour of US Army helicopters from early 1980s to present (including AH-64s, UH-60s, CH-47s and UH-72s)
  • HTK-A068 – US Army Desert Sand – Used for temporary desert camouflage of US Army helicopters (including AH-1s and UH-60s) during Operation „Desert Storm”
  • HTK-A069 – Woodland Desert Sage – FS34201, standard colour of CH-47F Chinooks in US Army service (also in Iraq and Afganistan) – new colour for all theaters


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