HTK-AS30 USAF Aggressor Squadron paint set vol. 2


Standard colours of USAF aggressor F-15 and F-16 fleet

USAF Aggressor Squadrons fly a wide variety of painting schemes that imitate the most prominent camouflages of aircraft of potential adversaries to the US (be it either unspecified post-soviet or Arab countries). Currently USAF operates two Aggressor Squadrons (18th AGRS based in Eielson AFB, Alaska and 64th AGRS based in Nellis AFB, Nevada) both flying F-16Cs. The sole F-15 aggressor unit (65th AGRS, also based at Nellis AFB) was disbanded in 2014 due to budget constrains. Part of its aircraft was taken over by sister 64th AGRS.

Contains the following colours (acrylic paints, water-based):

HTK-A154 – White Grey – FS36628, used in so-called „Blizzard” and „Digital Splinter” schemes of USAF aggressors’ F-16s and F-15s

HTK-A155 – Air Superiority Blue – FS35450, used in so-called „Blue Flanker” scheme of F-16s of 18th and 64th and F-15s of 65th USAF Aggressor Sqdns

HTK-A054 – Grey – FS36270, used in so-called „Blue Flanker” and „Blizzard” schemes of USAF aggressors’ F-16s (18th and 64th AGRS)

HTK-A156 – Aggressor Blue – FS35109, used in „Blue Flanker”, „Blizzard” and „Digital Splinter” schemes of USAF aggressors’ F-15s and F-16s

HTK-A157 – Aggressor Grey – FS36251, used in „Digital Splinter” (F-15), „Blue Flanker” (F-15 leading edges, F-16 radome) and „Blizzard” (F-16) schemes

HTK-A158 – Mod Eagle Grey – FS36176, colour of radome in so-called „Blue Flanker” and „Digital Splinter” schemes of USAF aggressors’ F-15s


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