HTK-BS95 WW2 Soviet AFV paint set



Standard colours of Soviet military vehicles during WW2

In a common belief all Soviet AFVs of WW2 wore single-colour olive-green livery. In reality the Soviet Army experimented with camouflaging its vehicles since mid-1930s, which led to first instructions issued already in 1939 (introducing a complex system of four geographical theatres with own camouflage patterns / colours). However as only three colours were accessible by 1941 – 4BO Green, 6K Dark Brown and 7K Sand – usage of those in 45-55%, 15-30% and 15-30% proportion was finally approved by the end of 1941. Due to war time economy limitations, till 1943 majority of equipment continued to be finished in one of the greens (4BO, ZK or ZO). Only in 1944-45 use of three-colour camouflage became more common.

Contains the following colours (acrylic paints, water-based, optimised for use with brush):

  • HTK-B246 – Dark Moss Green (ZB AU) – Exact match with ZB AU Green, between 1937-39 an official base colour of Soviet military vehicles. Later a primer paint
  • HTK-B251 – 4BO Protective Green – Since 1939 an official base colour of all Soviet military vehicles and other military equipment (used well into mid-1950s)
  • HTK-B316 – ZO Protective Green – Alternative to 4BO paint, often used as a base colour on camouflaged Soviet AFVs and on various auxiliary equipment
  • HTK-B317 – Dark Brown 6K – Used over green base (4BO, ZK or ZO) in two- or three-colour camouflage schemes of selected Soviet military vehicles
  • HTK-B318 – Sand 7K – Used over green base (4BO, ZK or ZO) in two- or three-colour camouflage schemes of selected Soviet military vehicles
  • HTK-A153 –  Washable (temporary) matt paint – Used to cover selected areas in improvised winter camouflage of various Soviet vehicles


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